A Good Night’s Sleep with Noozie

A Good Night’s Sleep with Noozie
11 / 03 / 2016

You feel your eyes beginning to close as you finish watching the recorded episode of The Walking Dead that you’ve been looking forward to all week. You glance at the clock on your mantelpiece and realise that it’s a lot later than you thought. 10.45pm. No wonder you’re tired. You barely got any sleep the night before and you’re looking forward to climbing into bed, snuggling under the freshly washed covers and finally getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, you haven’t had much sleep all week. You’ve been fighting a cold that has left you feeling exhausted and unable to sleep at night. One minute you’re too hot and then the next minute you’re freezing. You’ve had to force yourself out of bed every morning, almost resembling a zombie yourself.


However, you’re absolutely certain that tonight is going to be different. Your Noozie® Bottle arrived in the post this morning and you’re extremely excited to try it out. Although you own about ten different hot water bottles, you’ve found them all to be unsuitable. Firstly, the thought of juggling hot water, your kettle and the rubber hot water bottle in your current zombified state terrifies you. What if it bursts? What if you spill it? Most of the time, you’re too tired and achey to bother with it at all. Secondly, they always seem to lose heat ridiculously fast – so frustrating when you’re lying in bed freezing your toes off.

No. Hot water bottles are definitely NOT for you. In fact, you had pretty much given up on the idea altogether until an advertisement for Noozie® Bottles caught your attention. A rechargeable hot water bottle that doesn’t require filling up with hot water? A luxury product that relieves aches and pains and promises a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep? You couldn’t pass up something that sounded a little bit like heaven.

So here you are. Evening has come and you’ve been itching to try out your Noozie®. In fact, you’ve been pretty excited to get in bed all day. You placed it on charge about 15 minutes ago (although it only takes about 10 – 12) and it’s ready to be used.


As you switch off your TV and climb the stairs to bed, you hold the Noozie®to your chest. It feels divine. You quickly pop it under the sheets whilst you go to get ready for bed. Clean face and teeth later, you crawl under the covers, clutching the Noozie® in your arms. It definitely feels so much better than an average hot water bottle already. Will it help you sleep? You close your eyes, ready to feel the frustration when no sleep comes, only to find yourself drifting off fairly qui……..


Our Noozie® hot water bottles are perfect for a variety of everyday uses, from keeping warm whilst camping to remaining comfortable in the office.

If you would like to learn more about Noozie® and why it’s worth purchasing one, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email for further information. You can also pop over to Facebook, Twitter and Google + for further details.