Heat Therapy For Chronic Pain Conditions and Injuries

Heat Therapy For Chronic Pain Conditions and Injuries
18 / 05 / 2016

Perhaps you see Noozie® Bottle as a cute and original present you can buy for a friend or relative, or even yourself! But they are more than a colourful gift, because these electric hot water bottles will bring you comfort when it’s most needed.

Do you know about the incredible benefits of heat therapy?

Muscle Spasms

A spasm is the involuntary contraction of a muscle that is usually followed by a burst of pain. There are many possible causes including muscle overload, ion imbalance and a multitude of medical conditions.

Many people are familiar with this kind of pain – they’re usually referred to as ‘cramps’. But they might not know that applying heat can be an effective solution. Heat brings extra oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, which translates into immediate pain relief.



Many people suffer in silence with fibromyalgia. Sometimes doctors cannot agree on what causes it, but it definitely decreases life quality. It consists of having a chronic pain all over the body and can also cause tiredness, lack of sleep and memory problems.

However, there is hope! Heat therapy can bring much-needed relief in moments when pain seems the natural condition of one’s body. Hold a Noozie® Bottle close to the focus of your distress and you’ll immediately notice how the pain is soothed… and happy thoughts return!


Have you ever suffered from a headache from a long period of time? No matter what happens around you, the pain follows like a cloud, darkening everything. Those who have to put up with this often feel frustrated and will sometimes accept this condition as a life-time curse.

Don’t lose hope! Many headaches are caused – or accentuated – by the tightening of muscles in the neck and upper back. Applying heat therapy like a Noozie® Bottle in these areas will help to release the tension. Contrary to microwaveable pads – which are lukewarm and will lose their heat in a matter of minutes – our Noozie® Bottle will provide you with the perfect temperature for hours.


Sport Injuries

Is working out an essential part of your day? Sport is an effective way to relax and feel happy as it helps to release endorphins – the hormones of happiness! However, if this is something you do often, you are probably familiar with injuries,such as sore knees.

A perfect way to speed up recovery – so you can keep playing those exciting basketball matches with your friends every Saturday morning – can be applying gentle heat directly on the skin for twenty minutes every day, just before your sport training – but never afterwards! You will notice an immediate speed in the recovery, as heat increases blood flow, which helps to repair tissue.

Blue Noozie

Here at Noozie® your comfort is our main goal. Investing in a Noozie® Bottle can offer a range of benefits – heat therapy being just one of them. For more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly team, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and offers.