How Can Heat Therapy Help You this Winter?

How Can Heat Therapy Help You this Winter?
07 / 12 / 2015

Heat therapy is one of the wonderful benefits of your Noozie rechargeable hot water bottle. You may well be wondering how it actually works, and what benefits it can bring when you’re feeling under the weather from wintery aches and pains. Simple yet super effective, here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

The Science Behind Heat Therapy

Heat pads, like the Noozie® electric water bottle, are applied directly to the painful area – whether that’s your back, neck, stomach or any other sore area.


Usually, if you have an injury, cramp or other source of pain, these receptors are responsible for sending the messages to your brain that something is wrong. It is these pain signals to the brain that trigger your response to actually feel pain.

Your heat pad, once in place, begins to stimulate the sensory receptors found in the skin. Once they are sufficiently stimulated, they start to send fewer of the pain signals out to your brain. So as you warm up, the sensation of pain actually decreases.

Simultaneously, this heat increases blood circulation to the affected area. This in turn helps begin a process of healing as more nutrients and oxygen can access the muscles to help them to repair. The heat gently encourages your sore muscles to relax which encourages even better circulation. This means that heat therapy is not simply relief from pain, but also a useful way to ward off future pain. Neat!


Long and Low

Female doctor with the stethoscope holding heart

In recent years, a lot of research has been carried out looking into what kind of heat therapy gives the best results. The conclusion is that, far from the short bursts of intensive heat which used to be recommended, the most successful heat therapy comes in the form of a comfortably warm, ongoing application of heat… which is perfect when you just want to curl up in front of your TV or get some pain relief at night.

No Negative Side Effects

Unlike a lot of other methods of pain relief, heat therapy is a proven home remedy that is entirely natural. That means: no negative side effects! Heat therapy as a means of pain relief is completely non-invasive, non-addictive and, best of all, free! It’s nice to find an option for pain relief which doesn’t add any concerns of its own.


And there’s more! With portable heat therapy options you can take your pain relief with you, which ensures that it’s possible to stay comfortable even when you’re out and about. Discomfort while travelling or out with friends can make it difficult to live the active, social lives that we want, so portable alternatives to conventional medicine are always welcome. And, of course, the heat from a Noozie® Bottle can also be used alongside other types of pain killer.

It’s definitely worth looking into the benefits of heat, not just for warming up through long, cold winter nights, but also for finding relief from those troublesome aches and pains!

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*This information is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or recommendations from healthcare professionals.