Keep Warm in the Office and Increase Productivity!

Keep Warm in the Office and Increase Productivity!
26 / 01 / 2016

There’s nothing worse than trying to concentrate at work when you’re sat shivering at your desk. Offices are notorious for having constant fluctuations in temperature. In the summer, it’s sweltering. But in the winter, the only action you can take to stay warm in the office is to wear an abundance of layers and sit in discomfort all day.

Fingerless gloves in the office are a no-no.  And many people are too embarrassed to take their traditional hot water bottle to work. Thankfully, wearing multiple layers of clothes to work can now be a thing of the past with the heating help of the Noozie® Bottle – an electric hot water bottle which you can plug in and charge up in only 10-12 minutes. It’s the perfect office-mate to keep on your lap so you can say a swift goodbye to those numb fingers and chattering teeth.cold in the office iStock_000022467043_Small

Between temperamental heating systems and the overuse of air conditioning units in offices, having access to a Noozie® Bottle at work not only keeps you comfortable, but can also benefit your overall performance in the work place.

The Facts

The main factor that links heat and overall output is focus. When temperatures are too cold, it leads to a lack of concentration on the task at hand. To promote better productivity, the average temperature should be set between 20-25°C.

According to a survey conducted by researchers at Cornell University, employees within an office made 44% more errors in low temperatures and were less than half as productive as they were when temperatures were warm.


Computer hacker at work. Hands in black gloves typing on a black keyboard.

When our body drops in temperature, we use a lot of our energy to heat up, which unfortunately detracts from the energy used for concentration and creativity.

The Solution

Setting the temperature in the office will never suit everybody’s personal preference. A Noozie® electric heat pad can provide you with personal access to a heat source tailored to your needs! The device will soon stop your fingers from seizing up on the keyboard and can either be tucked up into your top or sat on your lap so that the warmth will slowly spread within a few hours.Portrait of sales team working together. Business people sitting in front of laptops and discussing a new project.

Another great thing about the Noozie® Bottle is that there’s no need to wait for your break to wait for the kettle to boil in the kitchen. You can plug the electric water bottle in at the mains and recharge it as and when you need.

So if you suffer from frosty fingers in the office, take a look at our products on our online site to see if we can help to keep you toasty at your desk. Simply contact us by email for more information, otherwise you can also find us on Facebook, Google+,Twitter and Instagram.