Noozie Bottle – A New Mum’s Best Friend

Noozie Bottle – A New Mum’s Best Friend
30 / 12 / 2015

For gentle relief, electric heat pads for back pain are ideal. Women the world over can get some respite from the strains that motherhood brings.  Now, we’re not saying that men aren’t susceptible to aches and pains, but there might be a few more instances where ladies experience them on a more regular basis – say, at certain times of the month, or perhaps for 9 months at a time.

As natural as both processes are, unfortunately we have to deal with the groans and gripes that come with them. Times like these can be especially uncomfortable for some women, which is why anything that we can do to relieve the pain is welcomed with open arms.

Cute young pregnant woman having back pains during her pregnancy

Thankfully, the Noozie® Bottle fits perfectly in our open arms to press close against our bellies and backs to alleviate unwanted cramps. No longer do we have to crawl out from the confines of our duvets to squirm in discomfort whilst we wait for the kettle to boil, as the Noozie® Bottle charges in a matter of minutes with a click of the charger and the flick of a switch.

Pregnancy can throw up a lot of pain problems, which is to be expected as the little person inside you demands a lot from your body, and is bound to cause a strain on your energy and your muscles.

Common aches felt during this time are pains from your back caused from trying to balance out the extra weight on your front. Foot and leg pain also play parts towards your discomfort, but to deal with foot swelling you should apply an ice pack instead of heat.

It is proven that applying warmth to aching muscles releases tension, so applying a Noozie® Bottle to your lower back, stomach or groin will give you relief for up to six hours, if you should need it. Traditional hot water bottles, when first poured are too hot and can burn if you’re not careful, and getting into a warm bath may start to feel a bit awkward in the final few months of pregnancy. A Noozie® Bottle provides the perfect temperature as soon as you take it off the charger with its quadruple layer PVC and soft outer material that’s sensitive on skin.pregnant with heart iStock_000059947354_Small

A Noozie® Bottle not only offers you comfort during your pregnancy, but also after your baby is born. Getting up in the middle of the night for feeds and to nurse a crying baby isn’t an ideal situation, but one that can be made more bearable when you get out of a cosy bed with a toasty Noozie® bottle tucked in your pajamas.

Whether you’re feeling achy or just find yourself getting chilly at night and you don’t want to bury yourself under heavy blankets, a Noozie® Bottle could be the perfect solution.

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