Noozie Proud to be Awarded 4 Stars by Able Magazine

Noozie Proud to be Awarded 4 Stars by Able Magazine
21 / 01 / 2016

Noozie® recently featured in the January/ February 2016 edition of Able Magazine, the UK’s flagship disability lifestyle magazine. The magazine works to highlight lifestyle issues that surround disability in the UK and promotes a brilliant and positive outlook that centres on independent living. This fantastic magazine focuses on what people with disabilities can do rather than what they can’t do – making it a firm favourite with people throughout the UK.


Why Were Noozie® Featured?

Noozie® has been acknowledged for our electric hot water bottle, which has been commended for being a “new take on a very traditional idea.”

Our hot water bottle heats to a maximum temperature of 65oC and only takes 10-12 minutes to charge up. It is light weight, portable and rechargeable and can retain it’s heat for 3 – 6 hours.


Our electric hot water bottles are especially designed to be used as heat therapy – offering users natural relief when using the heat pads for back pain and other aches and pains. It’s especially beneficial for those living with disabilities, including mobility isssues, chronic pain or  dexterity issues, because it totally eliminates the need to use kettles and hot water.


Our product provides all the benefits of gentle cosy heat without any of the dangers of scorching hot water bottles (during filling or whilst in use). It assists independent living as there is no need to rely on anybody else to fetch your hot water bottle for you during the colder months.

Awarded 4 Stars

Every edition of Able Magazine includes a feature that highlights products on the market that are particularly disability friendly. We are so proud that our Noozie® electric hot water bottle was featured and given an amazing 4 stars! We’re very happy that our products can provide a little extra assistance for so many people around the UK.


 Heat Therapy

As mentioned above, our Noozie® products are an easier and safe way to carry out heat therapy – applying heat to relieve aching muscles. Our electrical heat bottles are excellent for long term use, especially for those who constantly suffer with back or neck pain, cramps, arthritis, Raynaud’s disease or repetitive sports injuries.


If you would like to purchase a Noozie® Bottle to keep you warm during the cold winter evenings, you can purchase them straight from our website.

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