Noozie Bottle – Your No.1 Travel Buddy

Noozie Bottle – Your No.1 Travel Buddy
21 / 12 / 2015

A Noozie® electric hot water bottle doesn’t just have to stay under the covers for a cosy night’s sleep. Keep your commute cosy by bringing your Noozie out and about for a little heat-pack pick-me-up this winter. Lightweight and compact in size, you can take your little hot pocket anywhere.

A Morning Commute

Not only might you be cold getting into bed, but getting out of it in the morning can be worse. During the winter, every effort is made to conserve body heat during the night, and swinging your legs off the edge of the bed when you’re alarm goes off feels like you’ve just opened the window and are letting all the heat out.
Why not charge your Noozie® Bottle first thing in the morning so you can take it with you on the train cleverly concealed under your coat? If you regularly find yourself shivering whilst waiting for a train on a freezing cold platform, a Noozie® Bottle could be a commuter’s go-to essential for the way in to work – and when you’re at work too!

Casually dressed woman wearing winter coat, waiting on a platform for a train to arrive, orientating herself with public transport map. Urban transport.Travelling Abroad

You may be travelling to a hot country, but you’ve got to start your journey in a cold one. The taxi journey to the airport is never a comfortable one. Your outfit probably accommodates for both England and Spain, which probably means you’ve teamed a hoodie with a pair of flip-flops and at 3 in the morning your body is likely to be sensitive and vulnerable to the brisk air of dawn.
With a pre-charge of your Noozie® Bottle, your 3am start could be that bit more bearable.

A Winter Walk

As we edge towards Christmas, you might be obliged to go on a number of family walks in the country meaning you’ll have to wear as many layers as you can move in. But if you feel the cold more than others,and you’d prefer to hike instead of waddle, then tuck your Noozie® Bottle underneath a couple of layers to keep the heat circulating for a few hours.

Woman smile with a perfect white teeth in winter with the beach in the background
The heat of a Noozie® Bottle can last for 3-6 hours depending on how exposed it is during its uses.

The Noozie® Bottle has been made with your needs in mind, including keeping you warm in the time it takes for you to get from A to B. So if you think that your new commuting companion needs to be a Noozie® Bottle, you can choose from three vibrant colours at our online shop, otherwise contact us for any queries you may have. Make sure to keep up with the latest Noozie® news on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

* Always make sure your Noozie® is only used in accordance to the specified voltage (220-240V) and charged only with the charger provided.