Our Noozie Story: From Siberian Winters to Today

Our Noozie Story: From Siberian Winters to Today
24 / 11 / 2015

It never really occurred to us that when our founder took a trip travelling around North China that we’d end up developing one of the most innovative heat therapy products on the UK market today. After all, hot water bottles aren’t really something that you would think of reinventing.

So how did North China inspire our product? Here’s our (almost fairytale) story about how Noozie® became to be.

Looking to the Locals

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were confused as to how China could possibly make us want to develop a hot water bottle of all things. Isn’t China a relatively warm country?

While the majority of the country has beautiful, warm summers, the North experiences what can only be described as an almost Siberian winter, with temperatures dropping to as low as -30 °C in some regions.

Cold Woman

It was this extreme cold that drew our founder’s attention to how the locals dealt with the cold. Although we don’t experience anything like that here in the UK, this was the perfect opportunity to find out some tips on how to stay warm from some of the people who are subjected to this drastic cold every single year.

Rather than reaching for the kettle and flicking the switch to fill up their hot water bottles, the people of North China used very different methods for keeping warm than we do back here in the UK. Their solutions were quick and effective – never wasting too much time on warming themselves up.

How the Warmth Affected Themgirl is watching tv

We’ve all been guilty of feeling a bit grumpy when we get cold, and it’s completely understandable.

However, by adopting efficient heating solutions to keep warm, the people of North China made sure that they were equipped to handle the whole winter…and what’s more, with a smile on their faces. Instead of getting grumpy and complaining about the weather all the time, they seemed to stay in high spirits.

Our Learning Process

This experience got our founder’s brain ticking over. Constantly feeling too cold can really ruin your day. Although we love our hot water bottles they can be incredibly inefficient and dangerous to use.

So, how could we take something we know works and make it better?


This is when our first Noozie® Electric Hot Water Bottle came to be. We wanted a hot water bottle that could hold heat well for hours, and reduced the safety risks that are associated with hot water bottle use, such as burns and scalds. After several incarnations of the Noozie® Bottle, many tweaks modifications, our final Noozie® Bottle came to be.

Our ‘no-fuss’ design allows for users to pick up their electric hot water bottle and benefit from it quickly – much like the solutions used by the people of North China. From brand new mothers who might not have time to boil themselves a kettle while tending to their baby or someone with arthritis who can’t undo the stopper, we think everyone should benefit from the enhanced sense of wellbeing that comes along with being warm.

We hope that you share our vision and enjoy the result of a trip through the Siberian winters of North China!

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