The Benefits of Heat Therapy for Sports Injuries

The Benefits of Heat Therapy for Sports Injuries
09 / 06 / 2016

Applying heat is not just a great way to help you sleep, relieve period pain or stay warm. It is also amazingly helpful when used as a form of heat therapy to alleviate pain caused by sports injuries.

There are a number of ways in which you can be injured when participating in sporting activities and several ways in which these injuries can be treated. A widely used treatment for relieving muscular pains is the application of heat therapy used in conjunction with ice therapy. Alternating heat and ice therapy has been proven to have the ability to ease the pain of short term and chronic injuries caused by athletic activities.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Therapy?

Heat impacts the body in a number of ways. It increases blood circulation and metabolic activity, and reduces inflammation.

The benefits of heat therapy are numerous. The improved compliance of tissue can relieve pain and stops spasms. Warming up scarred or stiff tissue before physical activity can also be helpful in increasing the flexibility of tissue before physical activity. Neck or back injuries also benefit in particular from heat therapy. Indeed, many chronic sufferers of neck or back injuries swear by heat therapy to keep their pain at bay.

Typical Injuries On Which To Apply Heat:


Sports injuries that benefit from heat therapy include:

• Ankle sprains

• Groin pull

• Hamstring strain

• Knee injury

• Tennis elbow

• Neck and back injuries

How Do You Apply Heat Therapy?


Heat therapy can be applied in a number of ways, including hot packs and the use of hot baths or whirlpools. A Noozie® electric hot water bottle is a great alternative to a hot pack and can be easily reused numerous times, unlike a disposable hot pack. Rechargeable and providing 3 – 6 hours of soothing heat, Noozie® Bottle is an ideal choice for simple and convenient heat therapy.

Your choice of heat therapy should be applied directly to the affected area of the injury. Heat can build up on the skin when applied over time, so be sure to take precautions to protect your skin from scalds if necessary.

There are certain situations where heat should not be used:

• Immediately after physical activity

• If the area in question is numb

• Directly onto an open wound or a burn

• Immediately following injury

• If you are suffering from a fever or overheating
The Noozie® Bottle is not only perfect for keeping warm, but it is also a great aide in helping soothe sports injuries that are slow to heal.

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