Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Exercise

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Exercise
05 / 01 / 2016

At Noozie®, while we may be all about our awesome rechargeable hot water bottle, our end game is to help you guys have a fantastic night’s sleep. As part of our Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep series, we have provided you with general tips to regulate your body clock and looked at optimising your light exposure. Our new blog takes a look at the often feared world of… exercise!

Exercise is a word which passes most people’s lips at least a few times a year, and gloatingly graces people’s Facebook walls daily.  But what impact does exercise have on one’s sleep? Clearly it helps to shed a little unwanted weight and makes us feel a bit more tickety-boo, but studies suggest it actually has a positive impact on a person’s sleep too.

Exercise and Sleep Study

A study conducted at Northwestern University in Illinois examined the effect of aerobic exercise on insomnia. With around 50% of middle-aged people complaining of symptoms alluding to chronic insomnia, the study took 23 sedentary adults who had difficulty in falling asleep – mainly women aged 55 or older.

Those that exercised found that their sleep quality improved to the point that they went from being considered a ‘poor’ sleeper to a ‘good’ one. As a bonus, these individuals also reported that they experienced less depression and tiredness through the day as well as feeling a greater vitality! Win-win-win!

Not Right Before Bed

It’s worth mentioning, while it may be obvious, don’t get your body all riled up and hyper right before you go to bed! If you can exercise a couple of hours before bedtime then you stand a better chance of dozing off than if you go straight from the gym to under the covers. Your body just won’t know what to do with itself!

For those of us who have dabbled in the dark art of exercise, we’re sure you can attest to greater energy throughout the course of the day. It also stands to reason that the more active you are, the better you’ll experience, and appreciate, good rest. You only need to look at a child after they’ve been on a long walk to see the relief that sleep can bring; your body just can’t wait!

So there we go… exercise is good for you! Who’d have thought it? Now you have an excuse to stick to that New Year’s resolution. So that’s sticking to regular sleep hours, limited light exposure… exercise… oh yeah! Do you know what else is good for sleep? A super-dooper rechargeable hot water bottle! And fortunately we can help you out there! If you would like to find yourself the ultimate bedtime partner, then contact us and acquire yourself a Noozie® Bottle!

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Sleep tight!