Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Light Exposure

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep: Light Exposure
03 / 12 / 2015

Hello again! Well, you certainly look better rested. Was it that blog we did about getting a good night’s sleep? Well, you’re in luck… We’ve got a Part 2 to give you!

While we may be better known for providing our electric heat pads – the comfort loving electric hot water bottle – we pride ourselves on being able to offer you advice to help you tackle the terror that is a poor night’s sleep.

One major threat to a good night’s sleep is actually the amount of light you become exposed to during the night. Your brain likes to release melatonin when it’s dark, which serves to make you sleepier. We’re programmed to sleep when it’s night time. Makes sense, doesn’t it? As such, if you expose yourself to light right before bed, you’re going to find that you’re more alert!

Light Exposure During the Day

Good Morning Sunshine!Young beautiful, woman waking in the morning up fully rested.

If you bask in the glory of the sun as soon as you wake up, you will notice a defined improvement in you alertness… not to mention your Vitamin D levels! Try eating your breakfast outside or near a bright window.

Come On In, Natural Light…

It may be easier said than done at this time of year, but try to invite as much natural light into your house or workplace as possible. There’s a temptation to huddle up in a dark, warm corner during these chilly winter months… but try to save that ‘til the evening.

If You Can’t Invite It, Join It!

On your days off, frolic. On your work breaks, well… frolic too. The more you allow yourself to enjoy the glory of outdoors, the more sun you allow into your life. Your sluggishness should at least turn to snailishness as you bask in the light of the sun.

Light Exposure At Night

No Late Night Computing or Television (sorry)

We know it’s tempting to find out what all your buddies are up to at 23:34 on Facebook, or to watch just one more episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix, but these faux-comforts are the reason you’re waking up tired. The light serves to interfere with your sleep and your body’s cycles and rhythms, meaning that you’re likely to wake up feeling groggy. So bed time is time to put way your electrical devices!

No Reading Too? Not Quite…A woman resting in bed with hands beside her head on the pillow.

Night time reading can be the ultimate pillow talk to send you off to sleep. Although be aware that backlit devices, such as the Kindle Fire or the iPad are more likely to suppress your melatonin than front lit devices such as the Kindle Paperwhite. So, I guess what we’re saying is that nothing beats a good old fashioned book! Remember those?

Dim the Lights

Have you not got it already? Reduce your light before bed! Crikey…

Excellent. So, there we have it. Some invaluable advice for those people who wake up feeling a little groggy or poorly rested. Although, there is always one important thing you could be doing to get well rested…

Grab a Noozie® Bottle!

It’s just an idea… but our Noozie® Bottles are fantastic for helping you keep nice and toasty, particularly during these long, chilly nights. So, if you would like to grab yourself one of our fabulous bedtime companions, then all you have to do is get in touch! Contact us – we are always eager to help you grab your forty-one winks!

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Until then, sleep tight! Watch the light doesn’t bite!